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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Old Town Dubrovnik

The town, dating back to medieval times is surrounded by a wall and has an actual working draw bridge and fortress. Inside the walls were lots of little shops and cafes. We purchased a bottle of Croatian wine and a shot glass for Logan. there were little old women on the sidewalks selling hand made table clothes and scarves. They were beautiful and very delicate. We learned that Croatia is the birthplace of the necktie. The women of Croatia would tie a length of silk around their soldier's neck in her own special knot. If the soldier came back with a different knot she would know that he had not been faithful to her. The French loved the look of the tie and soon adopted it as an haute couture of France.

The working draw bridge

agreeing on a price
The inside walls
the fortress
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1 comment:

Kim said...

I would have loved to been there when you were haggling with that lady! Was it for a tablecloth? Looks gorgeous! Good picture of the two of you.