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Friday, June 09, 2006


Have suitcase will travel T.G.I.F. need I say more! What a week, two more wins for the team. Logan accomplished a single, a double and a triple in one game, tried for the big HR but was walked instead. Maybe next time. Between work and play I am actually stripping the wall paper from the kitchen and dining room and going to attempt applying a Venetian Plaster. Wish me luck because I definitely don't know what I am doing. Maybe I should say I stayed in a Holiday Inn Last Night!(isn't that the commercial?) but I did watch HGTV!!!

The 5th Annual Great Escape is filling up. We have 66 travelers as of today and anxiously awaiting February to sail away.

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kwright said...

Tell Logan "Way To Go"! Good Luck with the Venetian Plaster, it's a pain in the rear to apply,but is beautiful when finished (I've done a bathroom with it). We covered up some really, really ugly golden colored venetian plaster in the master bedroom, LOL! Girl, it was BAD! I'll talk to you about changing our plans and cruising with you in Feb. instead of Sept.!!