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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Have suitcase will travel

Have suitcase will travel

Don't you just love a cup of joe, the morning paper, and the cool breeze over the pool in the morning? After a couple of cups and the paper is finished, I love to get the mind thumping with a good SUDOKU puzzle. If you haven't tried these they are great! Yesterday was a restful reprieve after a week at Hot Springs at a Arkansas Criminal Justice Association Conference (somebody has to attend these!). I literally floated the day away in the pool sipping raspberry tea and completing puzzles. Logan is floating the river today and Greg has sports tivo'd so I am planning another day of floating and relaxing all by myself (poor me!!!) might as well enjoy it while I can, it is back to work tomorrow and after a week away I hate to see my desk.

1 comment:

kwright said...

Save a nice icy glass of that tea, and a float for me please! You never know when I might just show up! I've heard that puzzle is addicting, I guess I gotta see what it's all about!