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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ideas on Packing

As the embarkation date nears, luggage needs to be packed.  It's always such a hassle to pack.  What to pack, what do I need, what if I need this or don't need that.  If you just throw it all in; then your case weighs a ton and your constantly digging for what to wear.  With airline restrictions a ton of luggage could cost you a "ton".  If you stay state side and are traveling by vehicle - well then you have storage space as an issue.  So the bottom line is take what you need but need what you take!  I am trying a new item this trip:    these are packing cubes from www.ebags.com 
there are smaller versions of these that you can organize by day or event.  What I have tried is packing by day, everything from jewelry to flip flops that will be needed for each outfit for that day.  I know previously I said double duty items and you still can but it has to go in somewhere so say your going to be wearing the same pair of sandals on Monday and again on Tuesday, pack them in the Monday bag, the first one you would pull out.  By organizing and pre-planning you will have a hassle free vacation with no "where is this or that" and you will see that by planning each days outfits that you are least likely to forget something.   Remember while you are packing to complete you outfit, do you have all the accessories that you would like with that outfit?  belt, jewelry, scarfs or wraps?  Have fun packing -  dream about the vacation that you have saved and waited so long on.  

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