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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Amazing Race

After several visits to Cozumel over the past several years I searched for something else to do. Seriously how many sombreros to you need. While researching new and exciting things to do I discovered the "Amazing Cozumel Race". This looked like something fun and different so credit card in hand, I purchased four tickets and entered Greg, Dad, Diane, and I into the Amazing Cozumel Race. Not to give to many clues away in case I can convince someone else into trying this, it was great. Our guides gave us a little insight into what to expect and a couple of rules, the main one was don't go swimming with their phones! Handed us an envelope and sent us on our way. One hour and fifty four minutes later we literally had ran, swam, walked, jogged, putted, searched and even tattooed our way to the finish line.
We were in competition with four other teams
Our two guides that didn't guide very much but were a lot of fun and encouraging along the way....when you could find them!
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