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Monday, January 21, 2008

Here Ducky Ducky!

Logan has come down with a bad case of Duck Hunting Fever! Every waking moment is spent in sub zero freezing weather to call in and hunt down the elusive winged bird.

His first hen and drake Mallard are at the Taxidermist as we speak and the sounds of quacking can be heard through out the house as he "practices" on his two new duck calls that he purchased after Christmas.

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1 comment:

Kim said...

Finally........all of my obsessive clicking has paid off.........a new post!!!!!!!!!
Look how handsome he is standing there in muddy water, wearing rubber clothes, holding dead animals!!!! Seriously, this is a very good picture of him. Just suck it up when it comes to the noise and put on your headphones and listen to a little Jimmy!!! LOVE YOU!!!