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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Volterra, Italy 10/27/07

This is the final day of the cruise and the most important port of call, Livorno. It is not that Livorno is that important but where you can go from this port. Tuscany! I have waited a life time to see the Tuscan valleys and vineyards. We climbed aboard our bus to carry us across the Italian countryside to a small village called Volterra. It was a lovely little village with many shops and cafes. At the far end of the village were a number of tents where peddlers were selling their wares. We happened up on one such tent where we discovered the most aromatic herbs and spices. We sampled a few and bought an assortment to bring home. Then we discovered the fresh cheeses and then the smoked and dried meats. Greg was in heaven and sampled everything. We bought a pound of smoked wild boar and some goat cheese to bring home. Watching our time we ran to the meet the bus to head to the next stop on our agenda.

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Kim said...

Wild boar!