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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So I've been Tagged!

The following is posted on my friends blog "Life As I Know It" and as you see I must respond...
5 Random Facts
I've seen this done allot lately on other blogs, and since I really don't have anything in particular to post about, I thought I would give it a go!5 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT MYSELF1. I was Drum Major in High School, and loved it!2. I can write with both hands, even though I'm a definite LEFTY.3. I know sign language...even the cuss words!!4. I've always, always wanted to raise show chickens!!! Yes ma'am, and one day I will have me some fancy chickens. I have even drawn out the plans for the coop. And, one of them will be named "Pearl"!5. I am terrified to fly! I've done it once and will have to do it again in February, but it scares the living daylights out of me!So there ya go! Now, I tag Crafty Gal Linda and Have Suitcase Will Travel because you are the only two who read my blog that have Blogs!!!!

Since I have been tagged...here goes!

1. I showed Brahma cattle at County and State Fairs in my youth. Actually was a state certified Livestock Judge for sheep and swine. I have many funny stories and lots of memories from these days.

2. That I used to be part owner in a bait company and can hand make a spinner or buzz bait in seconds! I have several trophies from winning Bass Tournaments too!

3. That, although undiagnosed, I fear I am suffering from the obsessive compulsive disorder. Everything has to be organized, in a row and in alphabetical order if possible. With age I think I'm getting better and letting things go a bit more.

4. I want to go skydiving. Just because I haven't done this yet. I have been scuba diving and flying and para sailing and all other kinds of wild things. I think Skydiving needs to be added to list of things I've done before I die.

5. I have a dear friend that I miss terribly and wish very much that we were closer (in miles) so that we could do some more crazy things like we used to.

I tag anyone who dares to show their real colors!


kwright said...

Can I add your #5 to my #6!!! Back at cha babe!!!!
And...I knew all these things about you...HaHa.

Greg said...

Your husband must be a lucky man. (or) Really pooped!