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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Is it not appropriate that the last time I entered on my blog was Mother's Day and now I have dusted the cobwebs and made it back by Father's Day. Not actually dusted cobwebs but unearthed my computer...literally. The last of the tile has finally been layed. It would have been alot easier to just built new. Remodeling is a pain in the patoot! We moved everything out of our bedroom and slept in the living room for a week. Everything was moved out of the computer-scrapbook room also. All of this STUFF was everywhere, the living room, the guest bedroom, the game room, bar and garage. They began laying the tile on schedule as planned. The schedule was to lay the tile on Monday, grout it on Tuesday and come back and seal it and put the quarter round down on Wednesday. Monday started great, Tuesday went like clockwork and then Wednesday was shot to hell. No one showed Wednesday or Thursday, so mind you we can't move anything back in and we are still camping out in the living room. Since I still have to work everyday and can't check in every five minutes with these "professionals" I hoped and prayed that they would finish it Friday as promised so that I could spend the weekend moving everything back in. I arrive home from a day of work half way across the state at 4:30 to find "NOTHING". I immediately called the carpet place Again. To which I was promised again that they would be there be 8:30 in the morning. I again have to sleep in the living room waiting unpatiently I might add at the mercy of another person. Up by 8 to ensure that everything is ready for the workers. 9 - 10 - 11 comes and go's - no workers.... AGAIN I call, they apologized telling me that they have not been able to reach them by cell and are not sure where they are. So much for this weekend and moving in. Finally at 4:30 Saturday afternoon they appear and begin to work. The original plan a month and half ago was to do two rooms, allow me to move back in and then clear the finale room and tile it. TWO WEEKS TOP! Two Months and more gray hairs later, not to mention two days before a big party that I was having, the tile is in! My bed is back where it should be, the computer is up and running, and I am reorganizing all my scrapbook stuff so that I can start on my Italian Trip Scrapbook.

Saturday was the big party. A graduation celebration for Randy Rauls who completed a grueling 5 months in the Arkansas State Trooper Police School. Approximately 25-30 people showed up to roast and toast him. We grilled and swammed and remembered the old times when most of us all worked together. Congratulations to Randy!

Happy Father's Day to all. My Dad is somewhere in West Texas heading east from a 10 day Bike Trip through New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. I have texted him and talked to him a couple of times during his trip and I know that he is having a great time. So Have a Great Day Dad! where ever you are!

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