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Saturday, June 30, 2007

15 Year Old Jr. Babe Ruth District All Stars

The 15 year old Jr. Babe Ruth District All Star tournament began yesterday Friday June 29. White Hall played the second game of the tournament against Twin Cities (Helena/West Helena) the game was a close out with White Hall shutting down the game in the 5th inning winning 15 to 2. Moving on in the winners bracket we continued play today at 4:30 against our old rivals Pine Bluff Seabrook. Things were looking promising as we entered the 5th inning 7 to 1. Logan scored the first run in, batted two runners in and scored the 6th run. Then things turn....it is 7 to 1 in the 5th, they have two batters on and one coming up to bat. Bang! out of the park - homerun - taking the score to 7 to 4. No harm done, we are still in the game and we are up to bat. A hit there and a hit here but no runs and 3 outs. 6th Inning and they have one on base with an out or two and then here he comes again. There Home Run Hero - out of the park and two more runs scored. Nail biting and side line coaching is going on. The score is 7 - 6. Two batters on base, two outs and a hitter at bat. A good solid hit over the second baseman's head, but he sees it coming and starts backing into the outfield....reaches for it and has he lands on his back with his feet coming over his head, flips and comes up with his glove clearly in the air. The crowd erupts and all the players race on the field. We WON by the skin of their teeth and a little prayer on first base. Next game is tomorrow at 2. See ya there.
A little Prayer on First Base

Advancing to third

Coming Home!
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