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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fantasy Nightmare

The Dream cruise on the Fantasy turned out to be a Nightmare!
The headlines read "no one injured" ! I am glad but they failed to mention my feelings! After nearly a year of planning and working on the 5th Annual Great Escape with 72 passengers; it all went down the drain in a barge accident. As we were boarding, Carnival passed out a flyer saying that we might not leave on schedule but that they felt we would set sail later that night. So onboard we proceeding, eating, drinking, and having a great time...until the announcement that the cruise had been cancelled. I can not put into words how I felt or my emotions. I think now that a day or two has passed that I am finally getting over it all. So much was put into every detail of this cruise and I feel that with so much love and labor lost that I am calling it quits on the travel business. I am offically retiring as a travel agent.

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Anonymous said...

You still have a loving husband that appreciates you and always will. L4L