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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all from the Couringtons.
Greg, Cindy, Jason, Logan, Buddy, Candy and Tiger.
Of course all that I can still get to go see Santa is Buddy and Candy. Guess they will have pretty good presents under the tree this year. All is good in the neighborhood this year. The kitchen is finally coming together. Just a couple more small things and I will publish pictures.
This year as far as travels go was great. We took 40 plus people on the 4th Annual Great Escape, sailing to Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Cozumel in February and then in August we traveled to the Bahamas with Logan and Daniel (a friend of Logan's) before school started and then Greg and I spent a week in Mazatlan, Mexico in October.
Logan and Jason are both doing great in school. Logan has been nominated into the Who's Who Among American High School Students and Who's Who in Babe Ruth League 2006 All Star Edition. Jason has about decided to go into web design as he has discovered this is where is real talent lies. Both guys are pulling strong 3 point plus averages and making us all proud.
Greg and I are still trying to keep the state safe by doing our part in being an elite correctional organization dedicated to public safety through ethical, innovative and professional leadership at all levels delivering superior services to the citizens of Arkansas. Now that aside we are still in Prison!!! It is Job Security!!!
We are all looking forward to an exciting and fun filled up coming year. A lot is planned for 2007. Logan will be getting is driving license. Logan and I are going to Europe. We have the 5th Annual Great Escape. Greg and I are going on a Mediterranean Cruise. Logan will be knee deep in Baseball. Just a few things on the agenda!
Hope all has had as wonderful a year as we have and hopes and wishes for the next to all.

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