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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smoke on the Water

Kevin Glover and John Kleiner - The "Big Boyz" of the Big Boyz Blazin BBQ. We had three grills going cooking two briskets, two tenderloins, a case of ribs, a case of chicken, and several pounds of keilbalsa and pineapples.

The presentation of the Ribs and Chicken for the judges. Big Boyz Blazin BBQ placed 5th in the Rib division and 10th in the Chicken. Cindy's "Special Sauze" placed 4th. No ribbons or trophys this year but a lot of fun. WE WILL BE BACK!!!

1 comment:

kwright said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I can't wait to try that barbeque sauce of yours someday! The food looks so delicious, and I'm sure it was! Girl, I have to admit, your blogging has come a long way......and it ROCKS!!

P.S. The check is in the mail!!!!