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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In My....

At this very moment this is what is.....
In my fridge:
Leftover pork chops
a bottle of Red Wine
2% Milk
Sharp Chedder Cheese
Fresh Georgia Peaches
Gallon of Salsa (for the boys)
Beer (Corona to be exact and some limes)
and way to many half full bottles of condiments.

In my car:
calendar and event organizer
roll pillow
loose change
and a very strange assortment of CD's

In my purse:
a zip lock baggie full of goodies like a hair clip
lip gloss, perfume, extra contacts and Zantac 150
tylenol, eye drops, extra sunglasses, fingernail file
and a cell phone charger.
Wallet and checkbook
ID Badge
a list of things to do in the Bahamas
and several checks that need to be deposited.

In my closet:
All my clothes,
extra purses and a
travel bag packed and ready to go!
I tag............ You!

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